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Identity-theft provides CPS in to girl's life - Nashville Identity Theft

Picture how you would feel if out of left field you gets a call from child protection services advising you the child you just gave birth to tested positive for meth.

That was the situation for Annadorie Sachs.

Describing how she experienced, Sachs called it, "Panic, complete panic."

Panic was subsequently followed by confusion, as Sachs, a mom of four,hadn't birthed a kid in over two years. The thief used Sachs' title and medical insurance to fund it.

We've definitely seen a growth in medical identity theft over the last year, said Jennifer Trussell, director of inspections for the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

An alleged substance abuser who had been pregnant in 2006 was found to have stolen Sachs' driver licence and obtained her medical advice and used that to give birth under Sachs' name.

Nonetheless, for Sachs, it had been anything-but easy to persuade medical researchers she had not been the individual who had given delivery.

I stated I had not recently had an infant, that my youngest were 24 months old. I said come meet me and you'll know that I didn't have a baby, mentioned Sachs.

Despite that, detectives nevertheless made her life very difficult, asking her companies and interrogating her children.

Joe Ryan can relate to Sachs' challenge; he acquired a over $40,000 bill for a operation he never had. A medical facility really believed I would get this $44,000 transaction and I was showing to them I've no scars from a surgical operation, Ryan stated. And they said,' No, we're planning to move right ahead and pursue this.' And I was in disbelief.

It seems medical identity thieves are becoming more brave and better organized.

We've heard reviews of secretaries expressly sent in by a few of these identity theft bands to do simply steal identities, Trussell mentioned.

The girl who utilized Sachs' health-related information finally was charged. Sachs is concerned the same thing could repeat itself and she has installed new locks and security alarm in her home.

I suggest the hospital did not need to assist me. The authorities didn't want to help me. You are actually on your own with this.

The Federal Trade Commission says medical identity theft occurs when someone, without your knowledge or permission, uses your identity to get treatment. It can have important effects for casualties. Medi cal recordscan be shifted and display wrong info. According to the Federal Trade Commission, this could prevent you from receiving proper treatment and insurance rewards.

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